Transform Yourself, Be Heard, And Enrich The Quality Of Your Life...
Stand Tall In Any Situation, In Front Of Anyone, By Adjusting 7 Simple Body Movements
"This Will Change Your Life"
In This Free Introductory Webinar I Will Teach You How To:
  • IDENTIFY self sabotaging sub-conscious non-verbal elements
  • SUBSTITUTE those patterns with empowering body movements
  • ACTIVATE the Positive Power Loop (PPL)
  • INCREASE your Internal Power
It's got everything to do with the +70% of what you are not saying... 
More than 70% of the information we transmit in an interaction is non-verbal. Are you aware of the 70% you are projecting? Most people have no clue!
Power7 is a comprehensive program that helps you master the seven key non-verbal body movements so that you can communicate more powerfully, confidently, and effectively. The seven non-verbal elements are posture, stance, eye contact, head movement, hands, voice, and face. The Power7 proprietary program identifies these seven elements and drives them to maximum impact levels through a systematic and practical methodology.  
But it's much more than a methodology...
Power7 however, is more than a methodology. It's founded on the principle that by changing key body movements you will be able to activate your mind so that you can effectively raise your Internal Power
Only with Internal Power can you truly have Human-to-Human Communication. That is our ultimate goal! 
You will be able to stand before anyone of any rank from any background and feel comfortable and good about yourself. Through Power7's unique system, you will actually be able to focus on listening and speaking to the other person. This is the essence of Human-to-Human Communication!
Power7 is going to change the trajectory of your life. It's a promise.
"I have a simple goal in writing this book and that is to help you systematically develop your non-verbal communication skills so that you can become a more powerful, effective, and confident communicator. If you master these concepts, I guarantee you, it's going to change the trajectory of your life"
Dr. Joseph Kim
meet the man behind Power7
Joseph Kim, Ph.D.
Joseph is co-founder of H2H Communication and creator of the Power7 non-verbal assessment system, Professor of Business Communication at Sungkyunkwan University's Business School, the #1 ranked MBA Program in Korea, and the author of the book "Power7 Raising Your Internal Power". 
Dr. Kim has been a professional speaker to more than 100 global organizations in North America and Asia such as the University of Victoria, Handong University, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, and was featured as a Google TechTalk speaker at Google's global HQ in California. 
He is an alum of Harvard Business School and Arizona State University, where he received his PhD in philosophy, and previously he was the president of Genesis International College of Osaka, Japan.
Organizations that benefited from  Power7 Program:
what people are saying about power7

After 20+ years working as a marketing professional, I felt more than confident in my communication skills. But after experiencing the Power7, I discovered that there were so man important things that I had never considered. From identifying the little tendencies and habits that I had never realized before to learning new ways to command both attention and respect, the Power7 was an eye opener.

Jason Choi, CEO of Perfect Pictures

I have studied in 4 universities in 3 countries, and I can tell you there is not a single day I go outside and don't apply what I learned with Power7.
Power7 has impacted my everyday life! Thank you Dr. Kim!

Alec Savard (University of Quebec)

Today I had to pitch a business plan to the management team and 50 other employees within 5 minutes. It went great! I was proud and felt very confident. Definitely Power7

Milou Klijn (Netherlands)
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